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According to the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky African American Chamber of Commerce, 30% of Black-owned businesses went under during the pandemic. That amounts to as many as 300 local businesses that have closed permanently with the inability to market their products and services online as a primary reason for closing.

Increasing online visibility for Black-owned businesses creates the ability to reach and engage a global audience, automate processes, sell products and services, and leverage data for decision-making. 

In July 2021, Jessica Shely, Founder/CEO of GPD Creative Agency, developed Revive Black Cincy (formerly known as Rebrand Black Cincy) in response to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black-owned businesses in the region. The program has been endorsed by now City of Cincinnati Vice-Mayor Jan Michele Lemon-Kearney.


Want to learn more about participating in the Revive Black Cincy program or are interested in getting involved? Check out this list of frequently asked questions. 

Have a question that's not listed? Contact us!

  • Is the program really free?
    Yes! Thanks to our generous sponsors, participants in the Revive Black Cincy program receive a domain name, web hosting, and web design services for one year at no cost. Participants are required to provide business assets (e.g., logo, site content, imagery, etc.) for the website buildout.
  • Who is eligible to participate in Revive Black Cincy?
    Participants who identify as Black or African-American are eligible to participate in Revive Black Cincy. Participants must also be a registered business in the State of Ohio.
  • What if I don't have brand assets to provide?
    There are several options for participants who don't have brand assets for the web buildout. Revive Black Cincy enlists the assistance of creative volunteers who are willing to provide graphic design, photography, videography, and other services at no cost. This is an opportunity for these professionals to boost their portfolio and for program participation to remain free. Program participants may also opt to use stock assets at a subscription of $30/month. Custom assets are available at the fulfillment agency's hourly rate.
  • What happens to my website after one year?
    Participants will be notified 90 days prior to the time of their website renewal to assume associated web hosting costs. Web hosting costs vary depending on the type of site the participant owns. Costs range between $200-$500/year.
  • May I submit more than one business through the program?
    If a participant owns more than one business, only one qualifies for the program. Multiple applications by the business owner(s) will result in-eligibility.
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